Change – the only constant



A few years ago, it was widely reported that Google made more than 500 changes to the algorithm that influences how a business shows up for Google searches. 500. That’s 9.62 changes every week.

That said, I’m sure every business reading this has been making the necessary 1.37 changes to their website or are creating 1.37 organic content pieces every day to promote their business. Okay – maybe not… and you probably don’t need to, not all of these 500 updates are going to directly impact a business ranking on search – only a few. Right?

The honest truth is, no person or enterprise outside of a few within Google know how many of the 500 algo changes were for ranking factors or for UI/UX (the look and feel of Google search) changes. But one thing is for sure – the ratios are changing.

2010 is when I can remember the first annual algorithm change-count being reported at over 500. Fast forward to 2017 – and it’s reported that number has risen to 2,453 changes. 2,453. That’s 47.17 changes every week; a 390% bump. The odds are good that the number of ranking-factor changes has also grown incrementally.

That said, I’m sure every business reading this is making the necessary 6.72 changes to their website or are creating 6.72 organic content pieces every day to promote lead generation.

Okay – maybe not… but if they were, that conversation should include a sustainable path for leveraging website changes, citation building tactics, content marketing strategy (blog, image, video), and social media to increase their visibility on search engines like Google. All done in the context that change is inevitable; and with a keen perspective on the long-term lead generation – because there is no doubt that next year, there will be more than 2,500 changes to Google’s algorithm. Change is constant…



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