The hidden Cost Of The Free Business Review Monitoring Service costs more than freeBusiness reviews, stars, ratings, and all that come with it, have become vital marketing elements for small-medium sized businesses (SMBs) in recent years. It’s not a secret that great business reviews can quickly convert a prospecting searcher into a lead or sale – but if your business has poor online reviews, you run the risk of not only losing sales, and your business reputation, but prime visibility on search engines as well.

Needless to say, the demand for SMBs to find a reputation management platform to watch their online business reviews is at its peak, and while fee-based services are easy to find, not every company can afford them or is convinced yet they need it.

Enter the free business review monitoring sites, like the widely publicized  As you might have guessed, free isn’t always free – even with

The hidden cost of FREE business review monitoring services

In a recent MarketWired article, CEO Julius Kurushko was quoted as saying: “We are here to let SMBs quickly and easily monitor their reviews for free. Our focus is to help them successfully activate their happy clients to improve and keep up their overall reputation; that portion of the service will be a paid feature.”

The pitch is that SMBs can monitor their reviews for free and only pay for paid improvement and upkeep (whatever upkeep means).

The catch – it’s only free for a single location.

the hidden cost of free business review sites

How much do peanuts cost Jim?

A fact that is not written anywhere on their website as of this
writing and for which their namesake certainly doesn’t convey.  In fact – they seem to avoid the cost question intentionally altogether.

So, if your business has multiple locations – it’s not free. Have a satellite location –not free again. Want to manage different businesses (say, an interior design company and a law firm that you own) on the same account – nope, can’t do that either.

According to Jim, the helpful and concise customer service rep who lives inside the website chat box:  “It’s one free location”.  Doesn’t say that anywhere – but that’s what it is.

The documentation on the site doesn’t mention any limitations, but there you have it – free business review monitoring that isn’t free for all.

By Chris Sheehy | Sidewalk Branding Company – an SMB focused local SEO company in Rhode Island

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