SEO By The Numbers

SEO By The Numbers

An SEO Cheat Sheet 4 Character Counts, Pixel Width, and Other Stuff

By Chris Sheehy | Sidewalk Branding Co. [updated May 14, 2014]

META character count limits and SEOLately, I’ve been getting a lot of calls from businesses concerned with optimizing the back-end data of their website called the META.  This data is helpful in informing search engines and viewers alike about the pages of a website.

The calls typically have concerned the technical aspect of META Tags with questions ranging from “are we properly keyword optimized?” to “are we within character limits for our META elements?”.

I think I’ve written enough recently on keyword research & keyword optimization, so I’ll jump right to the mysterious side of META Tags, and character count limits as they impact search engine optimization.

Let me start by saying many of the character limitations you read/hear about aren’t character count limitations at all; but rather pixel limitations.  Different letters and numbers occupy more/less pixel space than others (think of “i/I” vs. “w/W”).  It can seem overly complicated to measure text in pixels– so character counts have been overly simplified and used as the standard.  It is for this reason you typically see number ranges instead of hard-set numbers when researching the topic.  So character counts it is.

And also be aware that character counts are mainly best practice SEO suggestions – so don’t assume that nailing these will instantly drive more traffic to your website, by itself – it won’t.  But they should certainly be considered when assessing which of the 200-ish website SEO signals of your site you need to modify in order to improve your visibility and rank.

So without further ado – here’s our top 6 elements to consider taken directly from our in-house  META Data SEO Cheat Sheet for character counts and META Title & Description pixel width consideration.

Used wisely and with discretion, it will aid in fine-honing your website’s search engine optimization elements and help to signal more traffic to your site.

  • META-Title                       30 min -65 max characters (200-512 pixels)
  • META-Description         70 min -160 max characters (400-932 pixels)
  • META-Keywords             3 word-sets under 200 characters (not that they matter)
  • H-Tags                               70 characters max
  • URL length                        115 characters max
  • Image Alt Attribute        100 characters max
  • On-Page Text Length    300 words minimum

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  1. Jordan says:

    A very useful post. Many site still do not enter META tags and descriptions. Knowing the right amount of characters is crucial.


  2. Steph Riggs says:

    There are some people who insert lot of keywords and lengthy description which slow down your website optimization process. It is very necessary to write keywords and description according to the recommendations of search engines. Your post is providing important guidelines by discussing minimum and maximum characters in website URL, meta tags etc which will be very helpful for getting top position quickly.


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