LinkedIn Tests New Trends Analytic

LinkedIn Tests a Text-Based Analytic as Possible Replacement for “Appears in Search” & “Views” Trend Graphs

Until now, LinkedIn (LI) displayed a simple trend-graph and numerical set to illustrate how many people visited your profile and how many times it showed up in search engines over a 90-day rolling period. Placing your cursor over segments within the graphs allowed you to see daily stats.


[photo credit: Google Search]

These analytic are the best way to judge the optimization of your LinkedIn profile – the more optimized, the greater the visibility in-network and within search.

All in all, it’s a great tool-set, but not a very helpful interface, especially if you are managing your profile to tweak every optimization edge for greater visibility (or that of your clients).

LinkedIn appearances in search change

But change could be coming!

That ambiguous trending graph is being tested with a more useful chronological textual-based daily analytic. A big jump in visual and usability!

With this change, your data can now be easily scraped and inserted into a spreadsheet for extended and custom reporting. Perhaps a precursor to unified LinkedIn analytic reporting. I hope so…

So give your LI graphs a look over (If you live in/near New England like me – you’re snowed in this weekend anyway), and if you don’t like what you see – optimize to be DISCOVERED.

By: Chris Sheehy | search marketing optimization specialist

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