Internet Marketing Plans are Like Facsimile Machines 15 Years Ago

Why Having An Internet Marketing Plan Today Is Like Having A Facsimile Machine 15 Years Ago

By | Rhode Island internet marketing specialist

thinking cap on Think for a moment… you need to find information on something – anything, where do you turn for answers?

You need a service for your home or business that you haven’t needed in years, where can you find a list of service providers?

You are planning a large purchase – where do you do your research before shelling out the bucks?

If you’re like most people, your first stop is the internet for life’s answers.

It’s astonishing to me when I meet a business that still does not consider how they could have the answers to somebody’s online search.  Something no doubt, their online competitors are banking on.

Question not your need to have an internet-marketing plan –

Question why don’t you already have one.


Not too long ago, the facsimile machine was the tech appliance of forward-thinking businesses. Admit it or not – the fax also made promoting your business as easy as pressing a button and feeding some thermal paper into the thingamajig. 

Hey dude – that was more than 15 years ago!

Now if you’re reading this, you have apparently upgraded from the fax and have a computer, and most likely a smartphone and maybe even a portable GPS device.  But have you ever considered how you could get your business discovered on those things? 

You have to promote your business on-line just as you would off-line, and your website alone is not the answer – no matter how cool it looks.

If lack of knowledge is what’s holding you back from getting your business discovered on the web, jump on your fave search engine and do some research – the internet is full of great ideas you can put into action immediately.  Study-up, follow local businesses on Twitter & Facebook and read some blogs – there’s probably a lot of valuable stuff from some really smart people right in your state who could help you be discovered.

As far as strategy goes, here are a few internet marketing focus items you might want to consider for your business – just plug these terms into your search bar and go to it.

  • Content Marketing
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Keyword Research
  • Linkbuilding (backlinking)
  • Local Marketing
  • META optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

While you’re at it also explore the technical issues, you may run into during your discovery process.

  • Google Penguin update, Google Panda update, Google Venice update, Over Optimization Penalty, & Duplicate Content Penalty

If this gets your blood pumping but (for whatever reason) you want to outsource these activities, look for an internet marketing specialist near you who can help with the things listed above.  Be sure to read the fine print to make sure you’re dealing with a truly local business and not just one that advertises in your state.  Contact the ones that have a strong presence and ask some questions, let them poke around your website, ask of their accolades, and read the articles they have had published – writings on their blog is not publishing – unless by chance their blog is prominently syndicated.  Look for third-party awards or recognition.  Vet the pros from the fake ninja’s, part-time SEO hobbyists & scammers.

And by all means – know your budget, but don’t sweat the details.  When you find the right marketing partner, you will realize you’re making an investment in your business and not just making a line item expense.

So go online and do your due diligence, find the answers to your marketing questions and possibly the right marketing partner you need to get your business discovered – and by all means, ditch the fax.

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