Yelp Sucks – So Try These Review Sites Instead

By Chris Sheehy | Local Marketing SEO SEM

Ok, it’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of Yelp – but my disdain is not without reason or merit.  It’s just that most of the small businesses I know have all been hit by the dreaded “Yelp filtered review.”  This filter is how Yelp hides reviews suspect of being fake, self-written, or otherwise artificially influenced. Sounds great on the surface and on their carefully crafted website, but these filters are also well documented for hiding legit reviews.

I’ve ranted about the filter before, so I’ll spare you the details, but instead, I want to show you how your online business reviews can still get some great online traction without any help from Yelp.

In looking at the landscape of online review/testimonial websites that have the greatest share factor, would it surprise you to hear that Yelp isn’t at the top of the food chain?

Analyzing the import/export shareability of 22 online review platforms recently (below image), I was thrilled to see that steamrolls Yelp – besting it by a considerable distance in online review share volume…

Like Yelp (#6), (#1) doesn’t import outside reviews into its platform (original content only), but unlike Yelp, Citysearch shares out to 13 other review sites – thus spreading your good news (and branding, and all that goes with it) across the web and around the world (or at least your small local part of it).

Here’s the great news – Citysearch isn’t the only one beating Yelp (picture) in online business reviews!

Judysbook(#2) and insiderpages(#3) both share out to seven other services and, mojopages(#5) match Yelp in terms of sharing out.

Conversely, is the best review aggregator by far importing business reviews from 16 other sites with, openlist(#11), and Bing(#21) following with 4 inbound referral sites feeding each of their platforms.

So if Yelp is sticking it to you – give the favor back by switching your attention to these other services and watch your online reviews populate across the web without them.  As for Yelp – just filter them out.

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  1. Abdur says:

    Yelp is the new name of terror. They are doing whatever they feel good and playing with peoples business reputation.
    That’s really sad and a crime.

  2. Glad to meet another non-fan of Yelp. In my previous position, I went back and forth trying to get them to understand why I wasn’t going to pay them a dime for this exact reason. Thanks for the alternative solutions.

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