Top-7 List for Winning with Linkbuilding

linkbuilding tips, link-building tipsTop-7 List for Winning with Linkbuilding

Linkbuilding is a mystery for many small business owners. Because of that, many mistakes are made that could easily have been prevented with a little planning beforehand. 

Success with linkbuilding is a strategy – not a crapshoot.

So before you set out to promote your business, have the right information at your fingertips to avoid the most common local marketing mistakes.

  1. Top 10 Keyword List
  2. META Title & Description from your website
  3. NAP (Name, Address, Phone)
  4. Single Point Of Contact
  5. Top 5 Vendors/Product Lines
  6. Top 10 Services You Offer
  7. Top 10 Products You Sell

For 6 & 7 Consider balancing between

  • Highest Sales Volume
  • Highest Gross Profit
  • Things people aren’t buying, but would if they knew about it

You won’t use all this information all the time, but you’ll have the right stuff in hand you need it…

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