How to nail your elevator pitch

By luck or chance you run into someone and they ask:

S0 – What Do You Do?


THE BIG BANG THEORYDo you have a rehearsed short reply to the question, or will you chance it with charming spontaneity in hopes it leads into a deeper conversation?


Your answer to this chance-encounter could either un-remarkably answer the question; OR build a lasting impression of you and your business; resulting in a longer conversation of your remarkable company and a prospect opportunity.

Reality is that most businesses don’t have an Elevator Pitch and just wing-it when faced with this opportunity (notice that I say opportunity), so click on the box below and give crafting your Elevator Pitch some thought. 

When constructing your pitch, be mindful of using two or three of the major keywords you use for your internet market – it will build continuity between your face-to-face conversation and your online persona/branding.

Expertly rehearsed, an elevator pitch is sure to give an uplift to your reply the next time you’re asked “So – what do you do?“.

elevator pitch tool via Harvard Business School

TIP: It took me more than 3 tries to get my pitch to the point I was confortable with – so don’t be disappointed if the first few go-around’s tank – keep at it.

If you have trouble with the link, try this: {Tool & photo credit: Harvard Business School}

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